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Welcome to RBM Corporation

RBM Corporation is an independent, innovative, business support services group providing high quality services to oil & energy sector industries. Out business focuses on all aspects of liaising & procurement requirements for the upstream, downstream & renewable energy sectors.

RBM’s broad experience and multi-skilled team is valued by clients from almost every sector of the industry. These include Oil Corporations, manufacturers and energy insurers, energy companies, corporate associations & lawyers, consulting firms and government bodies.

RBM Corporation was established in the year 2010 as a professional services company and is actively involved in providing the marketing, legal representation & techno-commercial services in the energy sector. Working in close association with the clients, projects are realized from the concept to commissioning. With its continuous effort towards excellence and assisted by highly proficient team, RBM Corporation is one of the leading consultancy services in the areas of oil, renewable energy, chemicals, IT & communications.

Competencies, commitment and consistency in performance have contributed to RBM Corporation's credibility both nationally and internationally. The trust and reputation thus built in the market is enabling RBM Corporation to deepen its involvement in the core areas by increasing client base as well as ensuring repeat service requests from clients served earlier.

We believe to provide qualitative & specialized services every client irrespective of their size, volume. In the context of modern business and consulting needs, RBM Corporation has developed expertise & resources to cater complete range of professional services. It has also developed a good network of professional associates, legal, business administrators, management advisory & specialist consultants.

We also specialize in consultancy for formation of joint ventures, technology transfer, selection of equipment, identification of technology, arrangement of credit lines and identification of suppliers for global tenders floated by the Government of India.

Industry Sectors where we work

  • Power Generation Sector
  • Oil Sector
  • Non-conventional Energy
  • Chemical Refineries

Services outline

  • Tender Liaison
  • Market intelligence
  • Project management & Finance
  • Diversification Strategies